Plastic art

It’s all very nice, but what are we going to make with it? This is a questions we asked ourselves as well and luckily we were able to draw some inspiration from our friends of Oceansole (plastic art made from washed up flip-flops in Kenia) and Wasteboard (skateboards from plastic bottle caps)…

But we also have SAVE PLASTICS’ experience. Every year we convert over 1 million kg plastic waste into products for road and water construction, from lampposts, hollow boards, poles, picnic tables, sandpits, trampoline pits, cladding, berm reinforcement tiles, pile walls, complete bridges, purlins, joists, weirs, etc.

Recycled plastic waste does not ROT or SPLINTER, is UV resistant, environmentally friendly, indestructible and recyclable up to 9 times.

If you have a good idea, please let us know and we’ll start working on it!

Our chair


Especially for the summer holidays we designed a relaxing lounge chair from 100 % plastic waste! Who wouldn’t want this at home or their beach house? Send us an e-mail if you’re interested, the early birds receive € 50 discount (normal price € 349). We even assemble it for you and deliver it free of charge.